A Web Series Starring Plus Size Actresses In The Leading Roles: Curvy Girls Rock!

Produced by the American Film, Television and New Media Company Harlem Fusion Studios, “Curvy Girls Rock” is a scripted web series that follows five women from different walks of life. Each woman explores careers, sex, relationships and love. Most importantly, this web series features plus size women as the main characters. “Curvy Girls Rock” is scheduled to start filming January 2017, and will hit the web summer 2017.

The creator of “Curvy Girls Rock” and Founder of Harlem Fusion Studios, Shakesha Williams, describes “Curvy Girls Rock” as the curvy version of “Sex in the City.” The five main characters (Jazzy, Adrienne, Reagan, Zuri, Ivy) embody the title of this series in every way. It will be easy for audiences of all ages to relate to these characters, as well as admire their chic wardrobes. According to Refinery29, “it is estimated that 67% of American women are plus-size — size 14 or larger. Yet, plus-size women account for, on average, one to two percent of the bodies represented in mainstream media.”

Jazzy, played by Naimah Terry, is a beautiful, confident and highly successful fashion blogger and plus size model. Reagan, played by Andrea Ilene Shapiro, is Jazzy assistant. She is smart, creative and looking to start a new life after her recent divorce. Zuri, played by Ellisha Marie, is a museum owner and Reagan’s ex-sister-in-law. She is well educated, a lover of art and culture. Adrienne, played by Zoe Goslin, is a clothing designer and Jazzy’s college roommate. She is cute, quirky, and obsessed with online dating. Ivy, played by Rasheeda Wallace, is a singer and entertainer. She is strong, but struggling with independence while dealing with her on again - off again relationship.

According to Business Insider, 65% of women size 14 to 24 feel that the retail industry ignores their needs. “Curvy Girls Rock” will service both the plus size market and fashion industry. The series will promote positive body images, as well as feature fashions and beauty from new and existing designers. The designers featured in this series will expectantly increase the rate plus size business grows from its current growth rate of 2 percent. “Curvy Girls Rock” aims to end sizeism, and have plus size women be recognized as part of the “beauty standard.”



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