Curvy Girls Rock: Web Series Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Creator of internationally acclaimed, My Story, writer Shakesha Williams has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring awareness and facilitate the production and filming of Curvy Girls Rock, a series following the lives of five plus-size women living in New York City and their exploration on career, relationships, and love. The campaign seeks to raise $100,000 for the development and filming costs and seeks to begin filming by mid-April, 2017.

Created by, written by, and directed by women, Curvy Girls Rock aspires to represent on screen the 67% of American plus-size women who have been long misrepresented and ignored by the media by promoting messages surrounding body confidence, positivity, and power.

“The time is now to show Hollywood the importance of casting diversity in size,” said Curvy Girls Rock writer, Shakesha Williams. “Plus-size women are now the majority in this country, and this series will show that they can be sexy, ambitious, and proud – a true triple threat!”

Those interested in supporting Curvy Girls Rock, should visit to learn more and to discover how to help spread the word via social media. In exchange for a contribution, a series of “perks” or benefits can also be found, including tickets to the premiere, the opportunity to participate in an upcoming episode of the show, direct access to the cast and producers of the show, and the chance to be an extra or become a character on the show with a speaking role.

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