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Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series Episode 2 Debuts on Sunday 12.23

Catch episode 2 of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series on Sunday, December 23 at 6PM EST. The series stars Ellisha Marie, Naimah Terry, Tamala Baldwin, Jessica Barrish, and Zoe Goslin. Don’t miss a moment of Curvy Girls Rock!!!

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Curvy Girls Rock Red Carpet Premiere Sponsored by Lane Bryant

Harlem Fusion Studios hosted the red carpet premiere of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series. The event took place at The Slope Lounge in Brooklyn, New York. The red carpet was hosted by Sharon Quinn, OG Runway Diva and the Q & A was hosted by Madeline Jones, Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine. The standing room only crowd represented the creme-de-la-creme of the plus size and body positive community.

This amazing night was presented by Lane Bryant and all of the leading ladies were dressed by the clothing company. Check out the pictures from this amazing night!

EBONY Magazine Article Featuring Shakesha Williams, Creator of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series

Ebony magazine features the creator of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series, Shakesha Williams, and talks about the inspiration for the series and the road to becoming a filmmaker. Read the article here.

Plus Model Magazine Interview With Shakesha Williams, Creator of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series

Check out the latest on Plus Model Magazine with Founder of Harlem Fusion Studios and Creator of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series, Shakesha Williams.

Curvy Girls Rock Co-hosts Activate Your Sexy BoPo Event In D.C. 4.21.18

On Saturday, April 21, 2018, at Dance Loft 14, the creators of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series and FATGIRLSDANCE™ bring a body positive, pulse-pounding event to Washington, D.C. Bring your moves to "Activate your Sexy" a dance class facilitated by FATGIRLSDANCE™ creator Cathleen Meredith. Then cool off with wine and healthy snacks as Curvy Girls Rock Creator Shakesha Williams and our professional BOPO Panel discusses bodies, relationships, situationships, and best practices for incredible sex. Don't miss this groundbreaking event before the District of Curves ultimate finale!

“Inclusivity and visibility of plus size/fat bodies in media, fashion, film, and TV is a vital and ongoing conversation”, says Meredith of the collaboration. “Shakesha and myself are creating content and media to further that conversation. Sex, sexuality, and body acceptance is the next logical step in the uphill battle against a mainstream narrative which purports that  67% of the American population should not be seen. Meredith goes on to say “This event is a radical act of fearlessness in response to that narrative: We are here. We have sex. We fall in love. We are desirable and shame will no longer be apart of that equation.”

“It’s an honor and a privilege to collaborate with Cathleen and Mickey (Armstrong, Founder of District of Curves)”, says Williams. “Working with District of Curves and FATGIRLSDANCE™  is empowering not only to me, but to thousands of women in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. I look forward to the finale weekend and enjoying our friends in the D.M.V.

About Curvy Girls Rock

Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series was created, written, and directed by Shakesha Williams. It stars plus size women in the leading roles and aspires to represent on screen the 67% of American plus-size women who have been long misrepresented and ignored by the media by promoting messages surrounding body confidence, positivity, and power.  


FATGIRLSDANCE™  is a worldwide movement BENT on trashing body image stereotypes through the universal language of dance. Created by Cathleen Meredith, the group is changing the narrative of who fat people are, what they can do, and what are stories are. To learn more about FATGIRLSDANCE, visit    

About District of Curves

Founded by Mickey Armstrong, District of Curves is the premier full figured fashion showcase in the Nation’s Capital! The week-long fashion extravaganza was created for designers, retailers, models, and all who cater to the curvy community, to showcase their style, their talents, and their services. For more information on District of Curves, visit

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