plus size actress

Casting for New Scripted Web Series.

Curvy Girls Rock Web Series (Season 1)

Synopsis: Four women from different walks of life - have one thing in size. But that doesn't stop them from having the time of their lives.

Jazzy aka Yasina: Afro Latina, 28, Female -Nick named Jazzy, she is beautiful, vivacious, confident highly successful fashion blogger and plus size model. Self proclaimed fat Beyonce. She is a leader in the plus size fashion industry and speaks out on issues related to fat shaming and beauty in all sizes. She has everything and more. She's not looking for love. She's satisfied and single.

Reagan -  White/Asian/Indian - 30, Female - Jazzy's assistant and recently divorced.She's not comfortable with herself. She lost her way and wants to reinvent herself. She's smart and creative and wants to start a new life. She's packed on the pounds after her divorce and wants to jump back into the dating world.

Zuri *means beautiful in swahili - 35, Black, Female - Zuri is  museum owner and Reagan's ex-sister-in-law.  Lover of art and culture. Zuri is  well educated and down to earth. funny with a dry sense of humor. when people see Zuri, the term black is beautiful comes to mind. Self confident and sexy. Just broke things off with long time love. Not interested in finding love just growing the museum. Potential love interest is a world traveling photographer showing at her gallery.

Adrienne - 29 - Any Race, Female - Clothing Designer - Jazzy's college roommate. Cute and quirky. Wears her heart on her sleeve. Obsessed with online dating but hasn't had a real relationship. Her closest friend, Bruce, is in love with her but stuck in the friend zone.

Shane - 31 - Black or Asian, Male - Jazzy’s love interest. Music festival programmer. He and Jazzy have been in love since college but are both ambitious. Shane is loving and funny. He’s successful but down to earth. He’s a man’s man. Conroy - 30 -36 - African, Male - Photographer from Nigeria. World traveler with his sites on Zuri. He’s observant and creative. He’s romantic, honest and opinionated. All the qualities that Zuri loves/hates.  

Max - 27 - White, Male - Reagan’s next door neighbor. He’s sexy. He knows what he wants and he knows the effect he has on women. He works it fully. Cater waiter and actor.

Bruce - 32 - Any Race, Male - Graphic Designer and Adrienne’s best friend. In love with Adrienne but she doesn’t know it. He’s caring and always there for his family and friends.