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Male Model Who Loves Plus-Size Women Stars In New Curvy Girls Rock Web Series

Photo Courtesy @DJ4JAY Instagram

Photo Courtesy @DJ4JAY Instagram

Fit model, Jay Kennedy, aka DJ4Jay, whose YouTube channel Every Wednesday chronicles his love of plus-size women, has joined the cast of Curvy Girls Rock web series, which is set to begin filming in late April 2017. A D.J., model, bodybuilder, and tattoo enthusiast, Jay is using his platform to promote body positivity as well as shine a light on sizeism.

Kennedy’s YouTube channel, Every Wednesday, features an array of videos where he discusses a variety of topics including, fit men dating plus-size women, body appreciation, and the difficulties plus-size women face when shopping for clothes. "How can you appreciate some parts of a woman being bigger [butt, boobs] and shun other parts [stomach, arms] for being big," he says in one video. Additionally, in an interview with The Revelist, Kennedy says  “It kind of sucks the way society has set us all up for failure, meaning guys I talk to, and men in general, feel like it’s wrong to be attracted to bigger women. I think a lot of that is just due to the media." Jay is not alone in his beliefs. His YouTube channel has over one million views and his Instagram page boasts over 80K followers.

Kennedy will star as Lawrence in Season One of Curvy Girls Rock. The character is the sexy love interest of plus-size fashion blogger Jazzy, played by actress and plus-size model Naimah Terry. Filming will be completed in New York City and continuous updates of Kennedy’s participation, as well as of the show, can be seen and followed through the Curvy Girls Rocks social media platforms (Facebook: @cgrseries ; Instagram: @curvygirlsrockseries ; Twitter: @cgrseries) For more information, please visit:


About Curvy Girls Rock

Created by and primarily led by women, Curvy Girls Rock is a fun and sexy scripted ensemble series featuring a diverse and well-rounded cast that will bring a fresh perspective and rich storylines to the media landscape. Through its characters’ backgrounds in the arts, media, and business, the series also aspires to represent on screen the 67% of American plus-size women who have been long misrepresented and ignored by the media. Its unique approach to telling stories about plus-size women and issues surrounding body positivity and image will also be a catalyst to continue conversations surrounding these topics and beauty diversity.