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EBONY Magazine Article Featuring Shakesha Williams, Creator of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series

Ebony magazine features the creator of Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series, Shakesha Williams, and talks about the inspiration for the series and the road to becoming a filmmaker. Read the article here.

Curvy Girls Rock Series Extended Scene Trailer.

It's finally here! Check out the extended scene trailer for Curvy Girls Rock. The series is set to debut in 2018! Let us know what you think of the scene and the series. We thank you for all of your support and look forward to sharing season one with you soon!!!



Genuine Artistic Talent Partners With Harlem Fusion Studios To Sponsor New Series Curvy Girls Rock


Harlem Fusion Studios LLC (www.harlemfusionstudios.com)announced today that professional wig designer, Noor Mizana, of Genuine Artistic Talent LLC (www.beautybygat.com), has signed on to sponsor the hair design for one of the lead characters in their first fully scripted groundbreaking series, "Curvy Girls Rock." The debut season of Curvy Girls Rock tells the story of five women juggling the demands of their careers, relationships and everything in between.

Genuine Artistic Talent will be creating all the hairstyles for Tamala Baldwin (www.tamalabaldwin.com), who plays the vivacious and free-spirited IVY in the scripted series. "It is such a privilege to bring this character to life. Part of creating a character that feels like a living, breathing human being, includes everything from movement, emotional triggers and style," says Tamala Baldwin.  "We are so lucky to have Genuine Artistic Talent on the team and Noor Mizana as the lead wig designer for this multi-faceted character," she continued.

The new premier partnership with Genuine Artistic Talent builds on Harlem Fusion Studio's continued commitment to collaborating with brands that support body positive programming, with current and past partnerships including Lane Bryant, the Avenue, Simply Cecily and more. "We are thrilled to partner with Noor Mizana and the entire team at Genuine Artistic Talent, as they strongly believe in the value of great storytelling and independent art," said Shakesha Williams, Founder of Harlem Fusion Studios and Creator of Curvy Girls Rock.  "We look forward to cultivating a long-lasting partnership with them as we strive to produce stories that capture the human spirit of unheard voices in the mainstream media."

"We believe that hair design and storytelling go hand in hand and we're excited to bring Genuine Artistic Talent to a global audience through this strategic partnership." said Noor Mizana, of Genuine Artistic Talent LLC. "This collaboration with Harlem Fusion Studios is a true testament to the power of social networking.  Meeting Tamala has been a true blessing and developing this character with her has been sheer fun," she continued.

All episodes of Curvy Girls Rock were written and directed by Shakesha Williams of Harlem Fusion Studios.  Award-winning actor, Randall Holloway served as a producer for the series.

About Harlem Fusion Studios
out of New York and Atlanta, Harlem Fusion Studios, is an American film, television and new media production company founded in 2012, by award-winning screenwriter, Shakesha Williams.  Shakesha Williams has been in the entertainment business since 2003 where she was an intern for Universal Music Group in the urban publicity division of Motown Records. In 2006, she started Harlem Fusion Enterprises, an entertainment company.  Harlem Fusion was the founder of concert series featuring indie artists in New York City and Atlanta. She was also VP of Publicity for record label Ru1 Records. In 2009, she began her career as a writer, producer and director. She has produced a series of short films and worked in various roles on commercials, web series and feature films. Most recently, Ms. Williams wrote, and executive produced "My Story", a short film that has received critical acclaim.

About Genuine Artistic Talent
Genuine Artistic Talent LLC was founded in 2006 by Nyrisha Jenkins with the intention of breaking into the fashion and beauty industry with unparalleled talent, timeless ingenuity and craftsmanship. Nyrisha attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and upon completion started her custom wig company to meet the needs of her clients. Nyrisha adopted the name, Noor Mizana, which is an alter ego she created to further fuel her creative side. Noor is currently preparing for a new series, Black Panties, and will be featured in music videos releases with upcoming artists.  Visit Genuine Artistic Talent online at www.beautybyGAT.com to view their wig collections, industry work, and more.

Harlem Fusion Studios Media Alert: Curvy Girls Rock Web Series Mixer Hosted on June 27th In NYC at 6PM ET

WHEN: Tuesday, June 27th at 6PM EST

WHERE: Iguana NYC (240 West 54th St), New York,  NY  10019

Harlem Fusion Studios is hosting a mixer for the film and television company’s new project, “Curvy Girls Rock”, a web series. The mixer is chance for fans to meet the cast and for a mixer where fans of the new series can meet the cast of this first of it’s kind series. You also will meet the creator, Shakesha Williams who also serves as writer and executive producer of the series.

About Curvy Girls Rock:

“Curvy Girls Rock” is a web series created by Shakesha Williams, founder of Harlem Fusion Studio. The series explores that lives of powerful, bold, and vivacious plus size women living in New York modern day society. From love to personal pursuits, the show follows the stories of friends that are all coming into an awakening and realizing who they are. The series proves plus size women have always, and still are, flourishing in the world all the while being fabulous.

With the need for a new focus in media and television, Curvy Girls Rock provides a fresh, stylish, and realistic view into how today's women slay those around them.

About Harlem Fusion Studios

Harlem Fusion Studios is an award-winning film, television and new media production company. The

Members of the media can receive more information about Harlem Fusion Studios and it’s films and programming on the company’s website at http://www.harlemfusionstudios.com


Male Model Who Loves Plus-Size Women Stars In New Curvy Girls Rock Web Series

Photo Courtesy @DJ4JAY Instagram

Photo Courtesy @DJ4JAY Instagram

Fit model, Jay Kennedy, aka DJ4Jay, whose YouTube channel Every Wednesday chronicles his love of plus-size women, has joined the cast of Curvy Girls Rock web series, which is set to begin filming in late April 2017. A D.J., model, bodybuilder, and tattoo enthusiast, Jay is using his platform to promote body positivity as well as shine a light on sizeism.

Kennedy’s YouTube channel, Every Wednesday, features an array of videos where he discusses a variety of topics including, fit men dating plus-size women, body appreciation, and the difficulties plus-size women face when shopping for clothes. "How can you appreciate some parts of a woman being bigger [butt, boobs] and shun other parts [stomach, arms] for being big," he says in one video. Additionally, in an interview with The Revelist, Kennedy says  “It kind of sucks the way society has set us all up for failure, meaning guys I talk to, and men in general, feel like it’s wrong to be attracted to bigger women. I think a lot of that is just due to the media." Jay is not alone in his beliefs. His YouTube channel has over one million views and his Instagram page boasts over 80K followers.

Kennedy will star as Lawrence in Season One of Curvy Girls Rock. The character is the sexy love interest of plus-size fashion blogger Jazzy, played by actress and plus-size model Naimah Terry. Filming will be completed in New York City and continuous updates of Kennedy’s participation, as well as of the show, can be seen and followed through the Curvy Girls Rocks social media platforms (Facebook: @cgrseries ; Instagram: @curvygirlsrockseries ; Twitter: @cgrseries) For more information, please visit: www.harlemfusionstudios.com/cgrseries.


About Curvy Girls Rock

Created by and primarily led by women, Curvy Girls Rock is a fun and sexy scripted ensemble series featuring a diverse and well-rounded cast that will bring a fresh perspective and rich storylines to the media landscape. Through its characters’ backgrounds in the arts, media, and business, the series also aspires to represent on screen the 67% of American plus-size women who have been long misrepresented and ignored by the media. Its unique approach to telling stories about plus-size women and issues surrounding body positivity and image will also be a catalyst to continue conversations surrounding these topics and beauty diversity.