The cast

Jazzy is a beautiful, vivacious, confident highly successful fashion blogger and plus size model. She is a leader in the plus size fashion industry and speaks out on issues related to fat shaming and beauty in all sizes. She has everything and more. She's not looking for love. She's satisfied and single.



Reagan is Jazzy's assistant and recently divorced. She's not comfortable with herself. She lost her way and wants to reinvent herself. She's smart and creative and wants to start a new life. She's packed on the pounds after her divorce and wants to jump back into the dating world.

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Bruce is a graphic designer and best friends with Adrienne. He is caring, kind and funny. The question remains is friendship all that Bruce wants from Adrienne?


Adrienne is a fashion designer. and Jazzy's former college roommate. She's cute and quirky. She also Wears her heart on her sleeve. Adrienne is obsessed with online dating but can't seem to find the one. Her closest friend, Bruce, is in love with her, but stuck in the “friend zone”.


Ivy is a singer and entertainer. She is strong, but struggling with independence while dealing with her on-again, off-again relationship.


Conroy is a photographer who is taken with Zuri. Will these two type A personalities ultimately find joy and comfort in one another?


Zuri is a museum owner and Reagan's ex-sister-in-law. A lover of art and culture, She is self-confident and sexy and she just broke things off with her long time love. She is not interested in finding love, just growing the museum. Her potential love interest is a world traveling photographer showing at her gallery.


Shane is Jazzy’s love interest. He’s a music festival programmer who comes back into Jazzy’s life. Will Jazzy and Shane rekindle their romance?

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Max is Reagan’s upstairs neighbor who stirs up a sexual awakening in her after her divorce.